A interstellar colony ship has arrived at a far distance planetary system after escaping from a vast interstellar civil war. This group has travelled to just outside of known space in order to escape any further persecution. One of the leaders of the colony had found some old survey records from the time when interstellar travel was carried out by autonomous robots. Based on these records a world was selected that they believed would be safe for colonisation.

These original records recorded a world similar to Earth in all aspects although a little colder. While life on the planet existed it was primitive and strange. It seems to exist at about the same level as Earth’s reptiles although it bore little resemblance to Earth’s creatures.

The bulk of the people on the ship consist of the colonists. The colonists are harboured in family modules that were to be released over the surface of the planet. It was expected that the widespread seeding of the colony pods would allow a uniform distribution of colonists across the planet. These pods were a combination escape pod and habitat units. The idea was for them to be used until more substantive homesteads could be built.

Captain: "Well it's time Sigmund!"

Captain: "Helmsman, initiate landing."

Helmsman: "Aye Aye Captain, initiating landing."

Science Officer: "Captain, we are picking up a localised strengthening of the planet's static field again. It's only slightly higher than the increase in field readings we obtained around the probes. The readings are still within safety parameters."