Unlike most RPG games crafting is not a given in this world. Crafting abilities must be learnt and then trained and in all cases paid for. In this manner there is not a general world wide cache of money or magical items just there for the taking. For an item to end up in a pirates horde the items must have been crafted by somebody in game. These items must have then been put into a situation whereby the pirates have access to the item before it can become part of the pirates horde. For example a magesmith in Goranth starts making and exporting +1 longsword to the south. During transportation a pirate ship attacks the merchant ship, loots it then sinks the ship. The pirate captian could just have likely kept the ship and added it to its own flotilla.

The pirate captain now has a number of +1 longsword, and possible a damaged ship. If the captain wishes to add this ship to his own flotilla he will need to pay for repairs and outfit it for piracy.

Thus the ingame economy is important.

There is also a subtle difference in crafting within this world. A standard blacksmith cannot make magical weapons by default. In order to infuse a weapon with a magical property a specialised token must be applied to the weapon. This can only be done by a blacksmith who has some skills in magic be it arcane or divine. The weapon is imbued with magical abilities by melding a token with the weapon. So a blacksmith wishing to make a +1 sword would need a fine longsword sword and A +1 token. Imbuing the weapon is then attempted and may or may not succeed.

Likewise to imbue a magical token a mage user needs to be skilled in the spell, have some metalworking skill (smithing or artificing), and the ability to imbue such a token.

As it is very unlikely, especially for the higher level magical items, a single person will have all the necessary skills. The open market will be able to provide either the skills to produce a token or the token itself as needed.

So while the economy in this game is crucial it will not limit an adventuring character from just adventuring. As long as they are skilled enough to obtain money to pay for the items.

This may seem a bit complicated but it is designed to both allow and limit the amount of magic items within the game. The skill to imbue an item can be taught by others ( apprentice ), learnt from a token scroll ( found through Adventuring) or through experimentation or research. The added bonus of researching is that you may end up being the only person in the world who can create a specific item thereby having a monopoly.

Remember in the overall concepts within the world there is an emphasis on a coherent economy. This method allows a person to play as a merchant or crafter while still making an income. The merchant supplies goods to any adventure who has the coin to pay.