Science Officer: "Captain, the static field is surging.”

Helmsman: " Captain the helm is erratic."

Captain: "Justin, what's happening"

Science Officer: "The static surge is increasing and interfering with the electrical systems.”

Engineering: "We are getting electrical discharges throughout engineering, Captain."

Captain:"Initiate RED ALERT"

Captain: "Justin recommendations?"

Science Officer: "Captain I think we should ..."

The First Officer, Science Officer, Astrogator, Communication Officer and one of the security personnel clutch their heads, scream in pain, and collapse.

Engineering: "She cannae take anymore Captain, She's gunna blow"

Captain: "Initiate Colonists emergency release"

Captain: "Helmsman, Initiate Emergency landing."

As they descend from orbit the ships electronic systems begin to fail. It looks like the low levels of ionisation that permeated the atmosphere are attracted to the descending colony ship for some reason. This buildup of ionisation causes the electronic systems to overload and burnout.