Antiqua Orbis is a complete role-playing gaming world that changes overtime based on events as they happen. It provides not only the standard dungeon crawling scenarios, but conquest through trade, banditry, and and inter-territorial invasions.

It is possible to play a merchant and dominate the surrounding areas through trade, paying mercenary's to strong-arm your competitors. Just as easily you could play the mercenary as a leader of a group of bandits slowly expanding their dominance in a given area.

You could start as a pirate, with your own ship, and slowly build a fleet until you have sufficient resources to build your own city state, much like Port Royal in Jamaica, Tortuga in Haiti, or Nassau in the Bahamas. Once your city-state is fortified you could initiate an invasion into other local city-states. Alas, you may end up in the same condition as the in-game city of Breakaway; refer to the history of the Duchy of Breakaway in the Kingdom of Goranth.