Real Estate

Ownable real estate within the game ranges from inns and workshops through villages and towns to cities and kingdoms. Owning real estate can provide a separate income for accounts.

There are two methods of acquiring real estate within the game. The first is by building everything from scratch around an existing function, i.e. mining, timber, fishing (see Breakaway), or a farming enclave.

The second method is to purchase a title from the local ruler. Much like a successful artisan being able to purchase a court title from the King of Goranth. The King could grant a hereditary title to a supporter, much like Robert Dormer swearing fealty to Justin O’Malley to form the the Duchy of Illyria, or Pietr (Deuce) Vikersk II swore fealty to the Dormers when Illyria became part of the Kingdom of Goranth.

An Inn could just consist of a place to rest for the night, it could sell supplies, or it could form the basis for a small mercenary unit. It could also form the basis of a much bigger endeavour. The evolution of the Innland Inn is a example of this. The inn started as a simple inn on the northern road from Goranth. It was sacked by bandits and rebuilt by Peitr Vikerski Senior as a fortified inn. With the aid of the Dormer family a military post was added. A smithy and stables, were added to service the military. With the increase in patronage the quartermasters store was then converted into a general store to service the wider community. This growth also attracted an apothecary, a master weapons smith and a master bowyer. The original blacksmith increased his skills to become a master armour smith. So while each owed fealty to Pietr they each were independent and generating their own income. Their burgage allowed Pietr to then maintain the general are. Master craftsmen from Dwarvenhelm were then contracted to build stone walls to replace the wooden walls. Now Innland Inn is a strongly fortified town. Owing fealty to the Duchy of Illyria and generating a sizeable income for the Vikersk family.

It must be noted that as this world is constantly changing and thus the continual ownership of real estate is not guaranteed. Neglect of your citizens may result in an uprising where you are replaced, and most likely killed. Living on the edge of known civilisation may result in your real estate being stolen by an invading army or as in the case of the Innland Inn bandits could sack the town.