The chaos surrounding the pod landings decimated the colonists. A basic lack of manpower then crippled the setup of the colonies while the landing at random sites hampered their viability.

Upon landing it found that some colonists were affected with form of catatonia. Over time those that didn’t die outright started to revive. Initially some of the survivors that awoke were insane and violent showing signs of schizophrenia. As time progressed and more of these catatonic colonists were revived, the number of schizophrenic cases fell.

Once the colonists landed all available resources were steered towards surviving. The use of uterine replicators, used to gestate domestic animals, were quickly bought online before they totally failed. This resulted in a overwhelmingly large number of domestic animals being born and not being able to be cared. Thus the were released into the wild to survive as best they could.

After a few months a further medical problem arose or was noticed. There was an increasing number of stillbirths and malformed fetuses occurring within the domestic animals births. Over time this also decreased. While it still occurred, the number of stillbirths fell, but the number of successful births of deformed births creatures increased and some survived. This same high level of still births and birth defects started occurring in the colonists as well.

In spite of this the colonies, over time, did flourish.