Rise of Superstition

It was then found that these abilities could be made to to also harm humans and animals. Some people could seem to communicate with animals while others could predicate the weather in advance.

These new human abilities combined with the birth of strange animals that seemed to have both intelligence and special abilities initiated the condemning of these people as witches and sorcerers. The age of superstition and witchcraft was born.

With the persecution of the others, witches and sorcerers, birth defects were reduced to a relatively low level. In hindsight, this was about the same time as the belief in gods arose. A creator myth unlike any that had been seen before arose. It was believed that there was an all encompassing being named “Verden Sind” that controlled the world as it was. And for it’s own amusement it started pitting groups against groups or both animals and humans. This being would sometimes favour one side, sometimes the other. On occasion changing sides in the middle of a conflict.

This conflict resulted in all powerful beings arising that seemed to reflect the ancient gods of old earth, but there were subtle differences. This led to the class of clerics arising and the summoning of creatures both “natural” and demonic. Initially these clerical powers were weak, but over the centuries with each “god” assuming more worshippers the power of clerical skills increased, while the intervention of Verden Sind seemed to decrease