Taxation and Tariffs

Society within the Kingdom of Goranth is basically feudal. The king is head of state and all land below his is held in trust by the title holder. Each title holder is responsible for the general upkeep of the resources associated granted by the title. The title holder is required to pay both homage and military service for the rights to the title essentially a burgage. Burgage thus becomes a form of taxation on the citizenship of a specific area in order to maintain that area. Individual tariffs could also be levied on non-citizens for use of this public infrastructure as well as access to either the local or kings markets within the kingdom.

In return the king provides protection against outside, and sometimes internal, interference. The king also provides kingdom wide infrastructure. The feudal approach of burgage allows all levels of both citizens and non-citizens to “participate” in the upkeep of the kingdom.

So while the king provides kingdom wide services the duchys provide specific duchy services. This follows thorugh down the fealty chain until we reach Count Pietr Vikerski II. Pietr provides the local support for the Innnland Inn community. Being on the edge of the wilderness he receives both grants and concessions for his community as the outlay is significant higher than those communities closer to the capital. In return Duchess Elizabeth Dormer receives similar grants and concession from the king as Illyria is a relatively new duchy with little to no infrastructure.