Characters are directly playable. A player simply consists of skills that allow the player to interact with the world in various ways. Characters can become proficient in magic both divine and arcane, or weapons and armour. Characters mostly fit into the standard role playing genre of hack and slash.

In addition there is the ability for a character to be become either an artisan or a merchant. As part of their adventuring they may also have a side skill such as an apothecary with the collection of herbs or exotic animal parts. A character may take an option to become an weapons or armour maintainer. This maintenance skill may then grow into blacksmithing. After a few years the character may decide to retire and thus becomes a mage smith.

A character may start as a cleric, get elected as the village mayor. From there the character could then look at increasing the wealth or expansion of the village. The cleric could then convince the populace to elect him mayor for life. Once elected he could expand the village into a fortified city and thus to a duchy nder the local king or a kingdom in it’s own right.

In order for this to happen the cleric could need to raise money to carry out his expansion. This might be through taxation or tariffs or looting nearby settlements. So the cleric needs to balance the protection of his citizens with the rate of expansion and the rate of taxation tariffs.

Failure to balance means the citizens revolt, or the village to the north decides your village is easy pickings and invades.

The permutations of character development are endless with a distinct push towards growing the economy either locally of globally while still allowing the standard hack and slash of roleplaying games.

It must be noted that character deaths in the game are most likely to be permanent.