Dark Elves

The dark elves are not a separate race as such but are developing into one. Originally dark elves are those elves that were exiled or banished from the home forests for one reason or another. The reasons range from the use of forbidden magics, attitudes towards the nobles or outsiders or just these elves fed up with the highly structured authoritarian societies themselves.

The number of banished or Dark elves is of such numbers that they have started forming their own societies. Thus this group of Dark elves attacking the timber mill have formed their own village. The one time the forest elves tried to dismantle this village and drive off these group of dark elves the forest elves were completely defeated with large losses. The Dark elves then issued a warning; if they, the forest elves, attacked again, the Dark elves would retaliate, not just defend.

This group of Dark elves are currently attacking XXXX timber mill to the north of Innland Inn. As they disagreed with the treaty that was signed between the forest elves and Coinghy, they have taken to raiding the timber mill, and to a lesser extent, the surrounding farms. There hope is to drive off the invaders.

Dark Elves, in general, are more tolerant then the other elves but are volatile in their reactions.