Once the Tribe of the Cat arrived in Safehills, they first built a small village at what is now known as Oretoun. Once they started exploring the general area they found deposits of various ores which they then mined. As they moved closer to the mountains they found richer ore deposits and as well as differing ore types. Ultimately they started mining at the base of the mountains with the mines leading further under the mountains.

It was during this period that the family based clans started replacing the original tribal based society.

It was the clan of Dramer that broke through into a huge natural cavern that over time became Dwarvenhelm. They remained secretive regarding what they had found and over time moved their entire clan into this cavern. Once settled they then started inviting other clans to join them.

The coastal dwarves, the dwarves living in the surrounding hills, and the dwarves living under the mountain started diverging into what are now know as the Town Dwarves, the Hill Dwarves and the High Dwarves. Each have abilities in common and unique abilities to their subrace. Dwarves on average are stronger than humans and have an ability to see in low light that is far superior to humans.

One anomaly that later historians could not understand was why the Town Dwarves developed the same basic characteristics as the Mountain Dwarves.

The hardy life that the dwarves enjoyed after moving to the Spine mountains has resulted in an increase in their constitution