Some of the of the pods landed within the various forests of XXXXX. Over time these people become more elf like. Unlike the dwarves there was no gradual evolution. Hundreds of ywaers after landing there was a sudden increase in the births having elvish characteristics. Many of them died. Over the next decade or two the births stabilised into what is know known as the elvish races. What is remarkable is these elvish were consistent across multiple forests that had no contact with each other.

During the decades of change the now elves were very supportive and harmonious with their tribal structure. Over time the Elves split into two separate races. Those elves that lived in harmony with the forest as it was and those the changed the environment to suit themselves. The elves split into two distinct factions, the Forest Elves and the High Elves respectively.

In some forests a single faction dominated in others there was a sharing of the forest. Over time those forests containing both factions split the forest apart and become very authoritarian. Those who could not abide by the dogma of either society were banished and labelled as Dark Elves. The number of elves that were banished was surprising.

Some found tolerance in those forests where single factions dominated, but most formed enclaves of their own not necessarily within the forests.

Elves in general developed above average dexterity.