Mountain Dwarves

The Mountain Dwarves developed into a separate dwarven race with a very strong affinity with stone. The Mountain Dwarves inhabit Dwarvenhelm as, in their opinion, the true dwarven race. This attitude made them somewhat bigoted towards the races moreson to other non-dwarven races.

This resulted in minor skirmishes until finally the Town and Hill Dwarves decided to teach the Mountain dwarves a lesson in “diplomacy”.

The Town Dwarves, specifically Oretoun, increased tariffs on all Mountain Dwarven trade throughout the area. This was done gradually and so it took some time before the Mountain Dwarves realised and threatened invasion. They promptly dropped the tariffs by a third.

Once the Town Dwarves dropped the tariffs, the level of banditry seemed to increase exponentially with the bandits raiding the Mountain Dwarves' caravans and barges. The bandits, whose armour and weapons were very fine, were very successful to the extent that the Mountain Dwarves had to start sending escorts along with the caravans and barges increasing the overall costs of the trade goods. This did not succeed and the caravans were still wiped out. Complaints regarding the level of banditry in the area, fell on deaf ears as both the Hill Dwarfs and Town Dwarves considered the problem to be Dwarvenhelms problem not theirs.

The Mountain Dwarves then found out that Oretoun was not placing any tariffs on goods supplied by the Hill Dwarves, and that these goods looked very similar to the goods taken by the bandits.

Dwarvenhelm then decided to retaliate.

The armies of Dwarvenhelm marched on Oretoun with the belief that taking control of the town would also force the Hill Dwarves to come to heel. But this is what both the Town and Hill Dwarves were waiting for.

The Hill dwarves waited for the Mountain Dwarves army to spend a few days marching towards Oretoun when they attacked the main gate to Dwarvenhelm. They managed to overcome the guards and then proceeded to collapse the entrance and a large proportion of the tunnels leading to this entrance.

They then fortified the area against attack by any returning Mountain Dwarves. They both isolated the Mountain Dwarf army and destroyed any supply lines. The bulk of this group then marched most of this group back towards Oretoun to arrive at the rear of the Mountain Dwarves army.

Meanwhile a series of guerilla groups were randomly attacking the Mountain Dwarf army in order to slow its march. The Mountain Dwarf army was slowed sufficiently for the Hill Dwarves to catch up to the rear. They guerilla groups then formed a single army and surrounded the Mountain Dwarves. The surrounding army did not attack but made it quite clear that they could wipe out the Mountain Dwarves.

The negotiated peace then served to curtail any possible overlord activities. The Mountain Dwarves did have to negotiate from a weak position or they could lose an army and then deal with an invasion of Dwarvenhelm.

This cause a great deal of resentment by the Mountain Dwarves but there was little they could do as their only trade access was through Oretoun.

Alas the whole Mountain Dwarf overlord issue has reared it’s ugly head once again with the eastern breach of the Spine mountains. This has allowed Dwarvenhelm access to the Kingdom of Goranth. No longer are the Mountain Dwarves totally dependant on Oretoun for trade.

The hard backbreaking mining work has resulted in an increase in their strength.