Breakaway started as a small fishing village to the southeast of Goranth. It quickly became a haven for smuggling goods into and out of the Kingdom. While the smuggling was mostly kept under control a charismatic leader arose and kicked out the Goranth appointed rulers and declared itself a free and independent city, Breakaway.

Realising the cost to reclaim the city would be great, Goranth decided to allow Breakaway to become independent. Goranth then promptly clamped down economically on Breakaway raising import duties to the Kingdom. Goranth displeasure was noticeable over this succession; somehow banditry around Breakaway greatly increased. It was suggested that Goranth funded some of the bandits but this could never be proved.

The stalemate kept the area reasonably stable but Breakaway morphed into a pirate city supplying both a market and a supply point for the pirate ships. These pirate ships had a noticeable effect on Goranths trade.

Breakaway, and it’s pirates, began to become so emboldened that they planned an attack on Goranth in order to sack the city. Goranth became aware of this plot and made substantial plans to counter attack. Breakaway's plan was to mount an attack by sea and once Goranth’s attention was on the pirate attack, Breakaway would mount an insurgent attack on the palace while simultaneously attacking the southern gates. Once the Southern gates were open the invading army would then attack.

Messages were sent to both Illyria, Brennan, and Dwarvenhelm and a counter was planned. Dwarvenhelm and Illyria both agreed to supply the military. Dwarenhelm also agreed to supply passage through it’s tunnels to Oretoun for this military aid. This allowed the army to circle around the peninsula and to land near Breakaway in order to take control of the city.

Meanwhile Goranth started rumours that Brennan was having difficulties with an invasion force from the north and thus pretended to send military aid to support Breenan. In reality the ships were empty of soldiers and Goranths navy moved to rendezvous with the Brennans navy behind the island to the northeast of Goranth.

Once the Breakaways soldiers had been gone for about two days, the armies from Illyria and Dwarvenhelm marched into Breakaway in the dead of night, conquered the city. Immediately scouting groups were sent out to ensure Breakaways armies had no knowledge that this had occurred. As soon as the pirate ships had sailed past the east tower the combined navy’s of Goranth and Brennan swung up and behind the pirate fleet to ensure that the pirate ships were trapped within Whiting Bay.

Meanwhile a large section of the combined Illyria and Dwarvenhelm armies then marched towards Goranth behind Breakaways armies. As soon as Goranth city noticed the armies of Breakaway approaching, they opened the southern gates and simulated an internal uprising.

So the pirate fleet was attacked from behind by the combined navy’s of Goranth and Breenan. Just as Breakaway’s armies attacked and before they could enter the city the Goranths gates were closed. The combined armies of Illyria and Dwarvenhelm then attacked Breakaway's army from the rear. All the battles were short and furious but Breakaway was resoundingly defeated.