City States

A City State is essentially a single town or city that has grown up around a single settler pod. In most cases the growth of the area was essentially trouble free with little to no hardships experienced after the landing.

The two extremes of the ruling class of a city states are either a Council of notables or Imperial. Most city states fall between these two extremes.

A Council of notables may be elected by the populace or be chosen through some other means. For example the heads of major guilds of a city state may form the Council, refer to the origins of the Nation of Ursa or the Free Cities. This form of society is as close to a modern day democracy as exists in this world but is limited to the city state itself.

An Imperial form of government is usually a hereditary based form with a single person having sole responsibility for decision making within a city state. An Imperium may be either tyrannical or benign. The original city state of Goranth was a benevolent hereditary based system, while accepting input from the council, with the current king exercising sole decision making authority. Contrast this with the origins of the Kingdom of the Sun, the city state of Sun Ascending, which was a benevolent non-hereditary based system when the ruling council elected the head of state for the duration of his or her life.