Innland Inn

The Innland Inn started as a smallish inn on the main road from Goranth to cities further north. Farmers moved in to supply both the inn and to export goods through Coinighy. A timber mill was built and lumber and manufactured wooden goods was added to the export list.

With the rise of the prosperity surrounding the inn bandits moved in. The level of extortion and general theft caused a revolt and the majority of the original town was burnt to the ground but the bandits were finally driven away.

The inn was rebuilt by Pietr Vikersk (senior), the father of the current owner Pietr Vikersk II (Duece). Pietr allied himself with the Dormer family of Coinighy and received some limited aid for fortifications, mostly a wooden wall and weapons. This was before Illyria became a Duchy of Goranth.

Over time the inn grew into a military camp and then into the beginnings of a small fortified town. With Illyria's alliance with Goranth, Innland Inns Deuce was made an ordinary Count with responsibility for the North. While Deuce’s allegiance was formally bound to Illyria, in practice nothing really changed.