The Markets

The village of Market Town is jointly controlled by the Dwarves from Dwarvenhelm and the humans from Illyria. It originally started as the single point of contact for trade between the two races when the original peace settlement was signed.

The village has grown into a small town with embassies from many of the leading cities and nations.

Brennan’s embassy is more a remote campus of its university than an actual Embassy. after noticing how fine the armour, weapons and trinkets are coming out of Dwarvenhelm. So while Breenan seems to be the junior partner in the three-way alliance, a considerable number of the breakthroughs in the creation of wondrous items has been through the apllied knowledge of Brennans scholars.

Illyria’s embassy is more a trading station supplying a lot of the raw materials needed by the dwarves in the creation of their more magical items. A significant amount of the raw ingredients needed for crafting the magical items are supplied by Illyria.

Goranth’s embassy is a true embassy, negotiating mutual protection alliances and trade agreements.

The only failing that is apparent within Market Town is the difference in moral attitudes held by the various races represented on the ruling council.