The wildlife is extremely diverse within the world of Antiqua Orbis. Not only is there an original planet's wildlife, but there is also the introduced earthen wildlife. Since the landing there have been a number of distinct cycles of new “introduced” wildlife, blending with the old.

The first occurred not long after the initial landing and resulted in strange perverted monstrosities. While these monstrosities are extremely rare they still exist in remote areas. Some were able to “reproduce” but most seem to have extremely long lifetimes. For example Gibbering Mouthers. Skeletons and Zombies

This first cycle also seemed to cause cancerous growths to occur much more frequently resulting in death. This outbreak of weird cancers seems to die out sometime during the second cycle.

The second cycle seemed to blend the planet's plant life with the introduced earthen plant life. This cycle produces most of the weird dangerous semi-sentient plant life that exists today. For example treants, and ooze. It was during this cycle that the major characteristics of the human population also started diverging, for example elves and dwarves started appearing. While the changes were subtle it did, over time, result in distinct races forming.