Duchy of Illyria

With the rise of technology and magic within the Duchy of Brennan, many citizens believed that Brennan itself was heading towards its own destruction. A number of Brennan’s citizens banded together to move further north into the forest. They negotiated a peace treaty with the elves for a section of the land in and around what is now known as the city of Coinighy.

As the size of the town increased, the land used for farming also increased. This led to clashes with the elves over what the elves saw as breeches of the original treaty. This led to a major skirmish between the elves and the humans where the elves reasserted their control of the farmlands on lands they considered theirs.

Coinighy’s reprisal was swift as it was deadly and pushed the elves back further than the destroyed settlement’s. Again a peace treaty was signed and an uneasy peace reigned. Trade between the elves and humans is fleeting, neither side fully trusts the other.

This lack of trust has led to the rise of disaffected elves forming raiding bands and attacking various settlements within Illyria, most notably the continual attacks on the timber mill near the town of the Innland Inn.

The continuous battles with elves has destabilised the north resulting in an increase in banditry and slavery. Elizabeth's father, Robert, requested aid from Goranth pointing out that Illyria was why the south was relatively safe. King Justin O’Malley agreed to send aid provided Illyria accepted becoming part of Goranth as the Duchy of Illyria.

As part of this aid, Justin and Robert also agreed that Simon O’Malley would marry Kate Dormer, Elisabeth’s younger sister, thus once again cementing the Kingdom together.