Nation of Dwarvenhelm

With the fall of the Seleucid Empire and the eventual splintering to the tribes, some members of the Tribe of the Cat moved across the sea to the east into the foothills bordering the Spine Mountains. It was here they discovered rich deposits of ore. They formed a small trading town in order to mine the ore and produce crafted goods. Over time the majority of the tribe moved completely into the mountains and formed an underground city completely foregoing their nomadic roots.

This city eventually became become Dwarvenhelm. The trading town, located at the mouth of a river, became known as Oretoun.

Living underground carrying out heavy manual labour caused the people to become shorter, stockier and very strong. The night vision that had developed within the Tribe of the Cat became much stronger allowing these “new” people to “see” in very little light. Overtime this group of inhabitants became known as Dwarves, initially a somewhat derogatory term.

Over time Dwarvenhelm managed to learn to produce extremely fine weapons and armour.