Nation of Gearagh

The forest to the north of Goranth is inhabited by an elusive group of people who became known as elves, Their population, cities and general lifestyle is virtually unknown. The Elves are very territorial but restrict their claims to the forest itself.

Currently there is an ongoing conflict between the elves and the Innland Inns timber mill. Gunter Blackhammer had negotiated a settlement with the elves to log a well defined area of the forest. However, sects arose within the elven community opposing the logging. And thus some elves decided decided to rectify the problem.

What trade existed between Gunter and the elves has vanished. There are some rumours that there is a town far to the east that still trades with the elves but the details are unknown. This is mostly assumed as the weapons and armour used by the elves have greatly improved. This armour is markedly different from that produced by either Dwarvenhelm and Goranth.