Dwarvenhelm is the main underground city of the dwarven clans in the Spine mountains. The city is known for the quality of its ore, weapons and armour. While Dwarvenhelm lies wholly within the Spine Mountains it has two entrances one on the east side and one on the west side of the mountain range. There are also rumours that a third entrance exists somewhere to the north.

The Dwarves have a very insular attitude. While they do not dislike or distrust other races, they refuse to allow many people inside the fortress itself. All trade is exteranl to Dwarvenhelm. On the eastern side of the Spine trade is carried out though Market Town, a joint village ruled over by both Illyria and Dwarvenhelm. The western side’s trade is carried out in Oretoun, the original settlement of the Tribe of the Cat.

The western side