Seleucid Empire

The Seleucid Empire was one of the first confederations to be formed on Nugh Taalow. This federation evolved from the the nomadic tribes on or around the Plains of Morgh.

The Tribe of Capall came to dominate the Plains of Morgh through the ability of being able to travel vast distances quickly. They used this ability to both raid other tribes and to flee from hostile groups. With this domination came a large increase in population leading to internecine disputes and thus the fragmentation of the tribe of Capall into a number of roving war like bands.

While the other tribes also fragmented, this was due more to a peaceful splitting of the tribes. These tribal fragments wee more amicable then the splintering within the Capall’s.

The difference in the nature of tribes splintering shaped the futire of the Plains. It was the Capall’s constant raiding raiding that led to a very loose grouping of the remaining tribes in order to fight back. After many years of fighting the Capall’s were almost wiped out.

It was during those years that the Chieftain of the Madra’s rose to prominence leading many victories against the Capall’s. After accepting the final surrender of the Capall’s Bran, the Madra Barr, Chieftain of the Madra, proposed a meeting of Chieftains in order to produce an agreement on how they handle disputes in the future. A formal independent meeting point was created in the centre of the Plains and a meeting/disputes hall was built. Bran was then elected as the Chieftain of Chieftains and the beginnings of the Seleucid Empire was formed.

Over time the meeting point became a town and then a city named Møteplass and the surrounding area become the Empire of the Seleucid.

Roughly 400 years later the Seleucid Empire fell but the city of Møteplass remained although somewhat diminished.