Kingdom of Goranth

The main country within the current known world is the Kingdom of Goranth. This kingdom is ruled by King Simon (Demonsbane) O’Malley.

The Kingdom was formed when Breakaway, an independent city state who, several hundred years ago, decided to expand their borders by attacking the city state of Goranth and was defeated.

The city state of Brennans Keep came to the aid of Goranth and this led to the formation of the Kingdom of Goranth consisting of just the city States of Goranth and Brennans Keep through a mutual defence pact. Breakaway, having been defeated, became a satrap of Goranth the now kingdom. This kingdom of Goranth was then further solidified through the marriage of Fergus O’Malley to Fiadh Brennan.

There are currently three Duchy’s:

The Duchy of Brennan.

The oldest duchy in the land. Currently ruled by the ageing Duke Armand Brennan, adviser to the king, former Chancellor of the Kingdom of Goranth under Justin O’Malley, Simon’s father.

The Duchy of Breakaway.

Breakaway was “allowed” to join the kingdom as a separate Duchy, years after its failed invasion of Goranth.

The Duchy of Illyria.

This is a recently created duchy formed from the city state of Illyria. It is situated to the north of Goranth and Brennans Keep and to the west of the elven forest of Gearagh.